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Products and APIs We Offer



Get what really matters.
Multi-language support.

Sentiment Analysis

Understand the feedback of
your customers.

News Aggregation

Get and analyze news from over
50,000 sources.

Fake News Detection

Avoid misinformation. Protect
your reputation.

Linguistic Processor

The most advanced deep text analytics in 37 languages.

Audio Summarization

Extract what really matters from your calls and conferences.

Semantic Search

Increase user engagement with
the most accurate search.

Emotions/Mood Analysis

Understand emotions and
mood of any document
or audio call.

Named Entity Detection

The most accurate entity recognition tool on the market.

Intent Analysis

Reach more customers
by considering the intent
behind search keywords.

Short Text Language Detection

Effective language identification solution for short text messages, Twitter posts, search keywords.

Articles Search

Explore and analyze scientific, technical, and medical
research papers.

Keywords Extraction

Identify the most important keywords and key phrases.

Article Extraction

Get the main article text
for further analysis.

Good/Bad News Analysis

Identify what is negative and
what is positive.

Comments Extraction

Extract comments and reviews.
Get them analyzed.

Face Detection

Detect, identify and analyze
faces in images.

Image Recognition

Recognize and tag images
by text concepts.

Language Detection

Recognize the language of any document or web page.

Video Identification

Get to know everything about the videos found.

Technologies We Use

Machine Learning

We use the state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms for document format and encoding recognition, text extraction, language detection, sentence/word boundary disambiguation and stemming.

Artificial Intelligence

We implement the advanced artificial intelligence classifier which is based on deep linguistic features and used to decrease the redundant information and maximizing the summary relevancy.


We apply decentralized architecture to train and test our AI models. Using blockchain technology helps us not only to get more training data but also to improve the trustworthiness of our algorithms.

What We Offer


An easy-to-use APIs for extracting valuable data from textual and multimedia content.


We offer integration help, expert assistance and technical support for all of our customers.


Our team of developers and experts will always help you to create custom applications.

Plans and Pricing


$ 0/14 DAYS

  • All analysis functionality
  • 5000 included requests
  • Up to 5 API calls per minute
  • 3 MB maximum allowed file size
  • Email support

    FROM $ 179/MONTH

  • Basic text analytics
  • 120000 included requests
  • Up to 20 API calls per minute
  • 20 MB maximum allowed file size
  • Technical and integration support


  • Service Level Agreement
  • Unlimited number of requests
  • Custom API calls limit
  • Custom secured instances
  • Technical support and customization
  • Contact Sales

    Our Achievements

    European Content Startup of the Year

    Awarded by The German Publishers
    and Booksellers Association at the Frankfurt
    Book Fair.

    Cuatrecasas Pilot Program Winner

    The 3rd Cuatrecasas legal-tech programme
    participant for the European innovative

    European Data Incubator Winner

    The 2nd European Data Incubator programme
    participant with sentiment analysis challenge.

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