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How it Works


Share your information with AI-powered SummarizeBot via Facebook Messenger or Slack.

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  • 1

    Summary Generation

    The better version of your information will be generated by extracting the most important parts of it.

  • 2

    News Summaries

    Get news summaries. Just type "latest" or "news" + subject and the bot will propose the latest news accordingly.

  • 3

    Keywords Extraction

    Enjoy the most important keywords, that allows you to understand in seconds what the content is about.

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    Key Fragments List

    Get to know more by going through the top extracted key fragments.

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    Vary Summary Size

    Choose your perfect summary size.

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    Save Your Results

    Download, save or share your summary for free.

What Makes Us Unique?

Summarization Algorithm

Enjoy your perfect AI-powered summaries. Our unique scientific-based algorithm allows everyone to be more efficient and effective.

AI, Blockchain, Machine Learning

We use the most groundbreaking technologies to provide you with the best result on the market. Learn more about technologies we use.

Audio Summarizationbeta

Share your audio content with the bot and get your summary in seconds. See full list of supported files and languages here.

Multi-language Support

We support almost every language including English, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Arabic, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, etc. Please see full list here.

Various Files Supported

We can summarize information almost from any file format, including pdf, mp3, doc, txt, jpg, etc. See full list here.

Share Any Link

Our AI-powered SummarizeBot can extract and summarize information almost from any weblink.

Who Can Benefit from our Summarization Technology?






Summarize your long texts, papers, researches, weblinks, etc. Save time and be more productive. Just summarize it!




PR Managers

Media Researchers

Extract the most important information in seconds. Identify keywords and key phrases. Just summarize it!

News Agencies





Extract the most important information in seconds. Identify keywords and key phrases. Just summarize it!

Search Engines

Law Firms


IT Companies

Financial Organizations

Save time and efforts by extracting and analysing the most important. Let us help you to be more productive.



Security Agencies

Government Institutions

Educational Institutions

Use our technology to summarize books, articles, press-releases, analytical reports, documents, reviews, descriptions, claims, requests, etc.

Coming Soon

Chat Summaries

How about to get group chat summary at the end of the day? It's being tested now!

Video Summarization

The feature is being tested now and will be unique on the market.

Blockchain-Powered API

We are going to bring more security for information processing.

Multi-Document Summarization

The feature is being about to be released.

Medical Summarization

The feature is being about to be released.

All Messanging Platforms

Integration with major messaging platforms is being tested.